Pet Services

Is your dog bark a lot during the day, digging up the garden or gaining weight? Take advantage of our services! Benefits of multiple daily walks: a chance to burn energy and reduce weight gain, an opportunity for your dog to discover the smells of the neighbourhood and socialize with others along the walk. A regular walk is vitally important for your dog’s health.

It is difficult and stressful to find a reliable dog walker to care for your pets while you are at work or travelling. Paws of London is the service you can trust. We prioritize safety and provide loving care to your dogs/cats! We want your pets to feel comfortable with us as they would be with you, leaving them excited for their next walk, and of course your dog sees the same friendly face each time. We send photos and updates after each visit. We always walk your dog at the same time, so your dog will have a same schedule every day.

Book a dog walking session with your neighbour, and both of you get 10% off the regular rates.
For the complete service list and prices, please check the “Areas” menu at the top.
We are offering the following services:

  • SOLO DOG Walk

    Walking around your neighbourhood, making sure to visit all of your dog’s favourite spots.

  • Group Dog Walks

    We are walking with 2-3 friendly dogs together, visiting their favourite places. Perfect for socialisation.

  • Short Dog Walking

    Just a little walk during the day. Available only in the area of Chelsea and South Kensington.

  • Doggy Daycare

    With our reliable partners, we offer home based daycare for your lovely pup. Limited spaces, maximum attention, plenty of activities.

  • Puppy Visit

    For puppies who have not had their vaccinations yet or are not ready to be walked. It includes a potty break, feeding, fresh water and lots of playtime. If vaccination is done, we can try to pair with another playful pup to help develop socialization skills.

  • Cat Sitting

    Pop in for feeding and refilling your kitty’s water bowl. Cleaning and replenish the litter box. Socialize with your cat, whether it’s playing with toys or just petting and cuddling.

  • Pet Taxi

    If you need to somebody to take your pet to the vet, groomer, etc. Contact us for prices. Safe transportation for your dogs and cats.

  • Pricelist

    Choose your area here and check our prices!

Meet & Greet
Need help caring for your pets while you’re at work or going out of London? Feeling guilty because your dog hasn’t been getting out enough? We are here to make your life easier when your schedule is busy.

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During the walks your dog(s) never be left unattended and are always closely supervised.
Availability during the weekends are limited and subject to a surcharge.
Pet services during bank holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, etc. are double charged.
Feeding and special care requests for your dog(s) for no additional charge during the visit.

Available payment methods:
Cash, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Credit/Debit Cards, and even Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies.