Dog Walker Chelsea

It is difficult and stressful to find a reliable dog walker to care for your pets while you are at work or travelling. Paws of London is the service you can trust. We prioritize safety and provide loving care to your dogs/cats! We want your pets to feel comfortable with us as they would be with you, leaving them excited for their next walk in Chelsea, and of course your dog sees the same friendly face every time.

We offer a comprehensive range of pet care services in Chelsea: dog walking, doggy day care, boarding, cat sitting, puppy visits, pet taxi and more. We either walk your dog individually or for socialization with a few friendly dogs. We don’t rush the walks, they always have plenty of time to sniff around. All the walking sessions are on the same time, so your dog will have an exact schedule and meet the same, friendly face every day.

Everybody knows the importance of a healthy dog, both mentally and physically. They tend to be calmer in the house and less destructive when they get plenty of walks. It could be boring for a dog to stay in the house all day without you. As they love meeting doggy friends, the walks and exercises, we could offer everything they desire when you cannot be around them. I’m a trusted dog walker in Chelsea, I guarantee that your pooch and your home will be in the best of hands, second only to you.

Book with your neighbour, and both of you get 10% off the regular rates.

  • Short Dog Walking – £20 / 30 min

    Ideal for dogs, who don’t need lots of exercising during the day, just a healthy walk, a little escape from the empty house.

  • Group Dog Walks – £30 / hour

    We are walking with 2-3 friendly dogs together, visiting their favourite places in the neighbourhood. This option is perfect for socializing with others and became friends.

  • SOLO DOG Walking – £40 / hour

    Recommended for dogs who prefer to walk alone, for the maximum attention. We are taking your dog at his/her desired place around your neighbourhood, making sure to visit all of his/her favourite spots.

  • Puppy Visit – £30

    For puppies who have not had their vaccinations yet or are not ready to be walked. It includes a potty break, feeding, fresh water and lots of playtime. If vaccination is done, we can try to pair with another playful pup to help develop socialization skills.

  • Cat Sitting – £30 / visit

    Pop in for feeding and refilling your kitty’s water bowl. Cleaning and replenish the litter box. Socialize with your cat, whether it’s playing with toys or just petting and cuddling.

  • Doggy Day Care – £50 / day

    We offer doggy day care in Chelsea for small and friendly dogs in a home from home environment.

  • Pet Taxi

    Safe transportation of your dog/cat to the vet, groomer, airport, or anywhere you need.

We can send photos and updates after each visit.
All options can be customised according to your needs.
During the walks your dog never be left unattended and is always closely supervised.
We give discount for the second dog from the same household.
The listed rates are for Chelsea and the surrounding areas (SW3, SW5, SW7 and SW10)

Meet & Greet
Need help caring for your pets while you’re at work or going for vacation? Feeling guilty because your dog hasn’t been getting out enough? We are here to make your life easier when your schedule is busy. The perfect care for your pet in London!