Relocating to London

Travelling to London with your dog is easy, as long as he/she meets the rules of the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS).
– microchip
– pet passport or third-country official veterinary certificate
– vaccinate against rabies
– dogs must have a tapeworm treatment

Every owner wants their best friend to sit near during the trip, moving to London with a dog is easy, however if you want her/him sitting next to you over the trip, its a little-bit complicated. Here are some of the best options you can consider.

by plane in the cargo
One of the fastest way to travel to the UK, however your furry friend has to stay in the cargo hold during the flight, except if he/she is an assistance dog, than travelling in the cabin next to you is possible. Most airlines will accept animals in a container or a crate. Your pet will travel in the cargo, where a suitable environment can be maintained. As for some pets it can be a stressful experience, usually we advise against it, however if you like shorter and easier ways of travel, there are no other real options. Charges vary depending on the length of the journey, the weight of your pet and the size of the container. Pets arriving into Heathrow Airport are collected from Heathrow Animal Reception Centre (HARC).

by plane in the cabin
Unfortunately UK Authorities do not permit animals to fly to the UK within the cabin, except if you are travelling with an assistance dog or you are arriving with a private plane. UK airports are strict, but there are cases when certified emotional support animals are accepted to travel in the cabin, but not with all airlines, so if your dog has a certification, double check with the airline before you arrange the flight. Emotional support animals are not recognised in the UK so if you fly to Heathrow you will need to pay £376 to process the paperwork. More info about Assistance Animals in Heathrow. If you plan to arrive to Gatwick airport, visit the online site of Animal Reception Centre (ARC) for more information. Prior to your departure, you must contact one of the Animal Reception Centres to get a pre-approval letter.

There is another, longer option if you are flying from outside Europe, choose your destination to be Paris (CDG), Brussels or Amsterdam, as there are dog friendly airlines even budget ones. Virgin Atlantic, Delta, Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, Norwegian, Transavia, Vueling, Volotea, Pegasus Airlines, Pobeda, SmartWings, etc. allows dogs in the cabin, but EasyJet, Wizz Air, RyanAir don’t allow it. We know doggies who frequently travel from New York to Paris in the cabin without problem.  After you have arrived to the airport, you can continue your journey to London with a pet friendly taxi, a private chauffeur or using a carpooling service like BlaBlaCar. Another option from there is by train (SNCF, etc), however you can reach only Calais with it.

by train
Most the European and British trains are dog friendly, except Eurostar which goes through the channel. So one of the option is to arrive by train to Calais, and get a taxi service to go across the channel, it costs around £120 + Eurotunnel ticket. From Folkestone continue your journey to London with domestic train. In the UK, all trains are pet friendly, they could travel free of charge.

by car
This option is advisable only if you are planning to use your car in the UK. Be prepared, it might be a long journey, but your furry friend can stay next to you all the time. The quickest way to cross the channel is Eurotunnel. During this 35 minutes journey from Calais to Folkestone, you are staying in the comfort of your car. Additionally to the ticket, there is a charge for pets, which is £19 now. You can also choose ferry, however dogs have to stay in the vehicle during crossing, but passengers are not, so I personally don’t recommend it.  Also you can hire a private chauffeur or use carpooling service like BlaBlaCar for your whole trip. There are one way car rentals, where you can drop off the car in London, but these are extremely expensive.

by coach / bus
Unfortunately, you can’t travel with your pet on any British or European licensed coach operators.


Moving within London
Dogs are generally welcome on trains, buses and the underground, they travel free of charge and do not need a special ticket. However intercity coach services like the National Express or Megabus, can’t accommodate dogs, they only allow assistant dogs on their buses. Most taxi services are dog friendly, but the general rule is always ask on the phone.

renting a flat
London is a dog friendly city, however its not always easy to find a suitable flat. You can search for a dog friendly studio or a larger home directly at Gumtree or Open Rent, also the property agents are already prepared, so you will get every help to find your next home. Some landlords accepts pets for additional deposit. For well behaved dogs its easier, and you can get daycare service when you are not at home. If you haven’t decided yet where would you like to move, discover Chelsea, a lovely area of South West London, we are also located here. Chelsea is known for its affluent residents and the posh shops and restaurants that cater to them. Chelsea offers amazing places that you and your dog will definitely like. From dog friendly pubs and restaurants to shops and markets, it is also the home of several professional vets.

your dog in London
We are here to make your life easier, help your dog to explore this new territory and make friends in the neighbourhood. Paws of London offers dog walking and day care services, so your pooch will not be alone all day long. Your beloved pet will be taken care of with the same love and attention you would give him/her. We make sure your dog’s needs are always meet with reliability and responsibility.