Dog Boarding

If you are going on holiday where you can’t take your beloved dog, with our reliable partners, Paws of London is here to offer safe, home from home environment to make your life easier. We take only a few pets for home-based boarding so they get maximum attention and lots of love. During the day, they can play, rest and socialise with other friendly dogs, inside or outside with constant supervision. We take them out for walks at least four times a day. We treat your four legged friend as a member of our family ensuring your dog has a great time with us. Our service is available for dogs all over London. Unfortunately we don’t offer boarding services now.


Home Based Dog Boarding in London
Are you planning a holiday and want to give your canine friends the best care and experience? Let your dog be our guest and we will guarantee the best care they deserve. We promise to protect your dog and to give them fun activities, attention and love all the time. Our boarding service will provide all your dog’s need while you are away. We always make sure that no dog will be going home sad but instead, they will be back to you with such energy due to their fun experience with us. Your dog deserves to play and socialise with others. We design their daily activities with more interaction with our other guests and custom every activity according to their needs. It’s a great way for them to experience comfort and entertainment at the same time.

Dog Boarding LondonBenefits of our Boarding Service
Your furry friend will experience a lot of benefits from our services and one of those is exercise. One of the most important things to keep them fit and healthy. That’s why we included various activities including dog walking to make sure that they’ll have enough exercise in a day. As a result, they will release all their energy while staying with us and return home relaxed.

Another benefit of is socialisation. Your friend will have the opportunity to socialise with other pups. Socialisation is also a way to help your furry-friend learn on how to get along with other dogs and how to interact with people.

So how about sending your dog to our home based boarding service in London and we will make sure to allow them to experience fun moments with us and with other dogs. Isn’t it nice to imagine your pup having fun with us while you are having a holiday? You wouldn’t have to worry about coming home to a sad doggy on the corner of your home anymore.

Safety is our number one priority. We assure that your dog will play with the supervision of us all the time. They’ll be guaranteed of staying safe and clean before and after their playtime.

Give Us a Try!

So how about making us a partner in caring your dogs and try our quality boarding service? We will be your dog’s best buddies! You will gain an absolute peace of mind knowing that your pooch is in the right caring hands. We are more than glad to do the favour of ensuring the welfare of your doggy friend for you. We provide 24/7 service so you wouldn’t need to worry. We keep 24 hours monitoring to keep your pup safe. We are not a big dog hotel, but our home is fully secured so the guests will be safe and sound while with us.

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